Terms and conditions of sale


Prices shown on the site are for end users. Some additional discounts may be available for lift installers, contractors and other equipment installers that have established accounts. Sale prices are subject to change at any time up to the point of sale. Please note that not all prices shown include freight. Items over 100 lbs. will have freight added to them after the charges have been determined. If you would like a freight quote, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide one.


Prices shown do not include any applicable sales taxes. In some cases, the manufacturer of a product may require that we collect sales taxes for equipment sold or drop shipped to their home state or states in which they have resale certificates. These sales taxes will be assessed, as required, after the sale has been completed. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to insure that they pay any local and state use taxes for equipment purchased from us to the State or Municipality in which they reside. All shipments made within the State of Illinois will be billed 7.75% sales tax and for State of Indiana will be at 7%. 

International Orders:

When ordering from outside the U.S., additional customs charges may apply. Standard Industrial & Automotive Equipment, Inc. is not responsible for any international customs / clearing charges, and the amount of these charges is not included in freight charges or freight quotes. All customs / clearing charges, duties, taxes etc. are the end user's responsibility.

Minimum Order:

There will be a minimum order of $25.00 plus freight.

Returns, Refunds & Restocking Fees:

The customer is responsible for any return freight costs. All equipment ships with the manufacturer’s full warranty, with the exception of any used equipment. Refunds will be given for any equipment returned within 10 days, freight prepaid. Restocking fee of 25% will be charged for any return items. We will not accept collect or C.O.D. shipments. It is the responsibility of the customer to report any damaged equipment to the freight carrier, if it appears the equipment was damaged in transit. Please be aware that the freight carriers have very stringent requirements on equipment damaged in transit. It is recommended that if you suspect a product is damaged, make note of the possible damage on the acceptance slip from the carrier. You must report damage to the freight carrier within 7 days, but we recommend 24 hours. It is the responsibility of the customer to report this to the carrier.

All returns must be unused and in the original packaging and have the manufacturers paperwork, including owner’s manual. A refund will be given when the product has been returned and inspected.

Delivery of Product:

Most items ships within 7 to 10 business days. However, Standard Industrial & Automotive Equipment makes no guarantee that items ordered will arrive by a certain time or date. Manufacturing delays are out of our control, and all shipping and transit times are estimates, as we have no control over any of the freight carriers. Some larger items, such as vehicle lifts, will require a forklift or other means for offloading. Unloading the truck is strictly the responsibility of the buyer. In some cases, we may recommend that a buyer pick up the product from the carrier’s freight dock, if means to unload a semi-truck at the point of use is not available.

Limitation of Liability:

Standard Industrial & Automotive Equipment will not be held liable in any way for insuring that the equipment purchased is suitable for use for any particular purpose, except that for which it has been designed and is warranted by the manufacturer.

All equipment ships with the manufacturers standard warranty and in no way shall Standard Industrial & Automotive Equipment be held liable or accountable for disagreements between the manufacturer and the purchaser.


The manufacturers of the equipment sold on this site provide warranties to the end user. No express or implied warranties, with the exception of those given by the manufacturer, are claimed or recognized by Standard Industrial & Automotive Equipment. We will be happy to assist the purchaser in any issues regarding warranty for products purchased through our site, but the manufacturer must make the final determination of warranty.

Any litigation, claims or disputes brought against Standard Industrial & Automotive Equipment, Inc. must be made in the State of Illinois, County of DuPage. By purchasing a product from this site, you are agreeing to abide by these terms and conditions.

Confidentiality / Privacy Policy:

Standard Industrial & Automotive Equipment agrees to hold all information from the purchaser in the strictest confidence. No private information (name, address, phone number, customer I.D., etc.) shall be shared with any other entity, other than for shipping the requested product or to conduct business with said customer.


Standard Industrial & Automotive Equipment utilizes two credit card processing companies for processing orders. Both entities utilize the highest encryption and ssl technology to insure that the data is safe. At no time will your data be shared with outside sources. Any questions or issues regarding your personal and credit card data should be directed towards the credit card processing companies.

Installation of Equipment:

Standard Industrial & Automotive Equipment, Inc. is happy to provide quotations on the installation of equipment in the State of Illinois. We are a Rotary Authorized Installer and can install most industrial automotive equipment. We will also be happy to recommend manufacturer-certified installers for other parts of the country. Please contact us for more information.


Disclaimer - Underground Clause

This quote is based on standard sub-soil conditions. Non-standard conditions, such as sandy soil, running sand, water, excessive concrete thickness (over 6") or hardness, frost, underground utility lines, vehicle exhaust systems, contaminated spoil, etc. will result in time & material expenses being charged. Damage caused by encounters with any of the above conditions (including broken electrical lines) are the responsibility of the owner. SIAE will not be responsible for lost time or business in any situation.

Disclaimer - Decommission

Decommission of inground lifts includes removal of all surface steel, hydraulic pistons, and equalizer assembly. All accessible hydraulic fluid is evacuated and disposed of in the owner's waste oil tank (50-60 gallons per lift). Casing and equalizer box shall be back-filled with clean fill. Concrete shall be poured to a depth of 6". No concrete is to be broken or removed in the process. All scrap steel is to be removed from site and properly disposed of.

Disclaimer - Electric/Shims

Electric & air feed and final hook-up by others at owner's expense. Shimming over 1/4" will be an extra charge. If adhesive/epoxy anchors are needed due to unforeseen floor conditions, there will be an extra charge of $35.00 per anchor used.

Disclaimer - Exhaust System

Roof flashing and final sealing to be done by others at owner's expense due to roof warranty.

Disclaimer - Fluid

Customer is responsible for supplying fluid for lift. Regular ATF - Automatic Transmission Fluid is acceptable. Each lift requires approximately 5 gallons, but larger lifts require more.

Disclaimer - Spoil Removal

SIAE will remove all spoil in regards to the specific excavation of job scope. Any or all fines that might be associated with the EPA, if soil is tested, will be the responsibility of customer. All proper documentation will be forwarded to the customer in reference of any spoil testing.

Disclaimer - Surface Install

Surface Mounted Lift Installations include the following: Delivery and unloading at the customer/owner's place of business, Installation of equipment at customer/owner's 1st choice of location. (Delay of more than 1/2 hour due to indecision on owner's part as to installation location will result in extra labor charges). Anchors and shims up to 1/4" thickness are included. Equipment use and safety training, if required, will be by factory trained technicians. It is the owner/customer's responsibility to insure that the lift will fit in the selected area and that there is enough overhead space for operation, without interference from lights, rafters, etc. Concrete must be a minimum of 4-1/2" (or OEM recommended thickness) and have a hardness of 3500 psi (min) with no cracks or expansion joints in the area of the anchors. It is the customer/owner's responsibility to prepare the installation area so that the installation can proceed without delay.