CRUSHPROOF  LightScope 643 Telescoping Hose - CP-LS643
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CRUSHPROOF LightScope 643 Telescoping Hose - CP-LS643

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Telescoping Hose

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CRUSHPROOF LightScope Telescoping Hose is a lightweight & durable, out-of-the-box telescoping exhaust hose solution that installs in minutes to your existing overhead system. This new telescoping hose system features a 6" I.D. high-temp, fabric-and-wire hose that measures 5.5'-long and connects to a 5 overhead duct. The tailpipe end of the hose consists of telescoping 4-1/2" I.D. and 3" I.D. CRUSHPROOF hoses, both 5.5'-long and designed to withstand temperatures up to 600F, with a RA300 universal bell adapter attached to the end. Hooks at the top of the adapter hold up the telesoping hoses by hooking through slots in a metal ring at the base of the 6" section. The RA300 universal adapter fits all single and most twin tailpipe configurations, with three locking snaps that allow it to completely close off the tailpipe. The adapter is also designed to protect tailpipes without damaging any vehicle and is 100% CRUSHPROOF.

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