Auto Meter 6/12/24V Heavy-Duty Battery & Electrical System Tester with stand - AM-BVA2100K

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Micro-Processed Tester
Auto Meter Heavy-Duty Battery and Electrical System Tester analyzes 6V and 12V automotive, marine, and commercial starting batteries, as well as 12V and 24V starting and charging systems and 12V cabling, offering 200 to 1600 CCA with a 400-amp automated load. This bench-top unit is the ultimate battery and electrical system tester, and it can be used for both automotive and heavy-duty applications. This micro-processed tester incorporates advanced DPL technology for better battery testing and features Auto Meter's patented automated voltage drop test. The BVA-2100 also performs a load test, starter draw test, and ripple test, as well as both a stator/diode test and regulation test on the alternator, all to accurately pinpoint electrical system problems, whether the problems are with the battery, starter, alternator, wiring, or connections. This fan-cooled unit features a backlit digital LCD display, and the tester's extremely large memory stores the last 300 tests, which can be downloaded to a personal computer (with an AC-10 PC adapter cable) or printed (using an optional AC-14 internal printer). The tester's firmware also includes Auto Meter's J1708 information retrieval system, which allows the downloading of pertinent data to a truck's J1708 onboard computer with the use of an AC-25 pin adapter and AC-26 cable, and this model also comes complete with a model ES-8 deluxe equipment stand.
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