Associated 6/12V Carbon Pile Load Tester (1000 amps) - ASO-6036B

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Carbon Pile Load Tester
Associated Equipment 6/12V Carbon Pile Load Tester, with a 1000-amp load, tests 6V and 12V batteries and is ideal for battery distributors, high-volume testing, and fleet use. This unit features a large-scale, analog voltmeter (0-16V DC) with a color-coded numerical scale and leads buried inside its cables for protection, and also included are a large, 6" ammeter (0-1000A), a temperature-compensation chart, a narrow-threaded shaft for fine adjustment, and a high-RPM fan, which keeps the unit cool for continuous battery testing. This 1000-amp, variable-load tester features a high-resolution carbon pile assembly that provides accurate load testing for up to 2000 CCA batteries, and the assembly's unique, curved carbon discs ensure maximum contact, reduce hot spots, and prevent edge burning, while providing a smoother operation and longer life. The tester also includes insulated safety clamps (15-second rated) with 1000-amp, heavy-gauge copper jaws and "Flexi-Spring" cable guards. This made-in-the-USA product has a limited manufacturer warranty of 1 year and also comes with 5' DC leads (2 AWG) with a buried tracer lead-in cable to prevent damage, measuring 18" H x 18" W x 18" D overall.
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