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Your job is to keep your customers going, our job is to keep you up and running …This is why we only feature the highest quality automotive equipment and automotive lift equipment for your shop and personal use. Shop our car lifts for garage and automotive equipment for sale today along with our huge selection of other automotive products!


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Rotary Two-Post Auto Lift (10,000lbs.-Capacity Asymmetric) - R-SPOA10
Rotary Two-Post Auto Lift (10,000lbs.-Capacity Asymmetric) - R-SPOA10
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Market price: $6,170.00
Our price: $3,641.00
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Balcrank Deluxe Signature Series 3/8" x 30' Air Hose Reel, LP - BAL-2220-010
SKU: BAL-2220-010
Balcrank Deluxe Signature Series 3/8" x 30' Air Hose Reel, LP - BAL-2220-010
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Market price: $975.00
Our price: $585.00
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CRUSHPROOF® 4" x 25' CF Series Hose - CP-CF-4-Gas
SKU: CP-CF-4-Gas
CRUSHPROOF® 4" x 25' CF Series Hose - CP-CF-4-Gas
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Market price: $584.64
Our price: $409.25
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Rotary Lift’s narrow ATO7 7,000 lb. capacity two-post lift provides an ideal solution for dealers updating older facilities or just looking to save space. The lift can pick up most passenger vehicles and features an overall width of only 10 feet, 3 inches – 14.5 inches narrower than a traditional two-post lift. “In regions like the Northeast, space is at such a premium that many dealers choose to upgrade existing facilities instead of expanding. An issue that many encounter is wanting to replace old air-over-hydraulic inground lifts with modern lifts. Unfortunately, most modern lifts are too wide for these old, narrow bays,” says Jim Dirksen, vice president of light-duty for Rotary Lift. “Our new ATO7 lift makes it possible to update those narrow bays within the same footprint, so dealers don’t have give up any valuable service bays. The Rotary Lift ATO7 two-post lift is our most popular lift in Europe, and it offers many benefits to North American dealers.” While its overall width is significantly narrower than a standard two-post lift, the ATO7 lift is designed to provide maximum drive-through space between the columns. Its 92-inch clearance is only three inches narrower than Rotary Lift’s bestselling SPOA10 two-post lift, leaving plenty of room for technicians to work. The ATO7 lift is equipped with many of the features that make the larger SPOA10 two-post lift so popular, including Rotary Lift’s low-profile screw-up adapters with three-stage front arms, stacking adapters and adapter storage racks. “Today’s light-duty vehicles, including most popular cars, SUVs and pickup trucks, have an average weight of around 4,000 lbs.,” says Dirksen. “And OEMs are going to continue to shed weight from their vehicles through the use of aluminum and other modern metals. The ATO7 lift’s 7,000 lbs. of lifting capacity is more than enough for most dealers.”To provide access to the vehicle’s interior and under-dash components, the ATO7 two-post lift features a true asymmetric design. The columns are each rotated 45 degrees toward the rear of the vehicle, which allows for maximum door opening space while keeping the vehicle’s center of gravity in line with the optimum load capacity of the columns. This reduces unnecessary wear and tear on the lift column, carriage and bearings. We will have the lift on the website as soon as we can. In the meantime, please call us at 1-888-350-7500 for specifications and pricing!

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